Your yacht survey report gives you all the information you need to make confident decisions and can form part of the negotiation during the purchase of a yacht.

Most surveys generally take about a day, after which I will contact you either by phone or email to discuss and summarise the condition of the yacht. The next stage is to prepare a detailed survey report. My reports are fully indexed and technical terms are always clearly explained. Photographs of problems or defects with the yacht are included in the report to add further clarity.

The survey report will explain the construction and condition of the yacht, including its systems and will highlight defects or areas for improvement. My opinion is given on the cause of the problem, what the resultant effect will be and how it should be resolved, including a recommended timescale.

I use priority codes to grade the recommendations and these range from P1 – requiring immediate attention before the yacht is next used to P4 – cosmetic improvements and winter maintenance.

The report is prepared within four days of the inspection and a copy will be sent to you at the first opportunity via email, in a PDF format, with a bound copy sent by first class post. If after reading the yacht survey report you have any questions or would like to discuss the boat further I am always happy to help.

To summarise the contents of the yacht survey report
  • vessel identification
  • location and size of defects
  • probable cause of damage
  • prioritised recommendations
  • outline repair specifications
  • short term / long term solutions
  • recommendations for upgrades, improvements
  • reports accepted by all insurers
  • includes formal valuation
  • includes photos as relevant
  • recommendations for professional services
  • summary opinion of overall condition


  • 1
    Anodes & Corrosion

    Our services include a basic underwater corrosion survey, testing the yacht's bonding system and the adequacy of the anodes. The survey will determine if the anodes are the correct size, if the bonding system is in good order and identify stray currents from the yacht's systems.

  • 2
    Shorepower Analysis

    Using specialist electronic testing equipment we carry out various tests to determine if the 240v A.C. system is in good order. We can identify loose conductors, connections, inadequate cable sizing, corrosion and test breaker functions.

  • 3
    Battery Testing

    Battery voltage, starting power and battery condition can be assessed during the battery test. I can also check the condition of the engine alternator by measuring the regulator voltage and the ripple of the alternator voltage.


full condition surveys

Yacht surveys for customers buying a boat or taking on a project, when you need to be confident and have a clear understanding of the yacht.

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Surveys for insurance

If you have been asked to provide a survey report by your marine insurers then I can fulfil this, complete with a valuation, at a competitive cost.

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part 1 British registry

As a nominated surveyor for the YDSA, I undertake tonnage measurements to register yachts on Part 1 of the British Registry.

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damage assessment & repair

Usually instructed by insurers or boatyards, I prepare damage assessments, investigations and repair specifications to ensure a fair outcome.

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marine consultancy

If it's not a survey you require but professional advice, project management or a marine industry professional then there are several ways I can help.

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partial surveys

This type of survey is of a reduced scope to suit your requirements. This might be for osmosis in the hull or the feasibility of a bow thruster installation.

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services list

  • Full condition surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Marine insurance surveys
  • Partial, limited scope inspections
  • Marine consultancy
  • Valuations
  • Tonnage surveys / Measurements
  • Valuations

useful information

Do you want to be present at the survey?

I have many customers who come along to the survey inspection and this can be very beneficial for both parties. I wouldn't recommend coming for the whole duration, as it isn't exciting to watch, but if you would like to come towards the end it is a good opportunity to discuss any points which may have arisen.

If you prefer not to attend or it would not be practical, I can provide you with a file of photos (often 200+) taken during the inspection and a summary of my findings over the phone, before receiving the report.

I am happy to arrange the logistics of the survey directly with the owner or yacht broker and can arrange the haulout with a suitable marina or boatyard. The underwater section of the hull has to be surveyed for the report to be of any real value and is always a must for gaining insurance.